FNN’s services

FNN’s range of services have been established to provide the communication solutions requested by Norwegian investment firms and their service providers.

The following communication solutions are available:

Communication with various marketplaces:

FNN has established its own solutions for communicating with trading systems delivered by the Euronext (Oslo Stock Exchange) and NASDAQ.

In addition, it has established solutions for communicating with Fidessa, which bases its services on Smart Order Routing Technology, and with a number of marketplaces.


In the Settlement and Clearing area, FNN has established solutions for communicating with Euronext Securities Oslo (central securities depository/CSD) and SIX x-clear (central counterparty/CCP).

Other services

FNN delivers L2, the “last mile” service for IP-Only, when this company, as an ISP, provides internet access to FNN users. In addition, companies such as OMS, InFront, Tieto, Basefarm and Marketmind offer various services to financial enterprises linked to FNN.

FNN also offers fibre-channel-based Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions and high-speed L2L traffic through the network. Both of these are based on dark fibre and WDM technology.